Your Prolific Product Machine, the software

Nearly Done!

It took me a while to finish the software and right now I can say I am done for version 1. Meanwhile, I did get some ideas for version 2 as well and the good news is that buyers of version 1 get V2 as an automated update. So here's a quick overview of the software as in its current state.

PLR Marketplace

(Click on the image for a better view) The marketplace is where new articles and PLR Offers are available.
This page will be extended and renewed on a regular basis.
Every time you open the Digger you get this information, provided you have an internet connection. the PLR Marketplace. here you find quality PLR Offers from the best vendors/writers only

Your Search Engine Page

(Click on the image for a better view) This is the core of the application. On the left you have all categories YOU defined on your system, in a tree view. You can drill down there and see the lists of articles per (sub)categorie. On the right, you see a list of articles. Below that list, you can READ the content (changing it is on the next tab!). You can select articles you want in a project. Simply put a project is a folder where the selected articles are copied, this way you can be sure that your original articles will be unmodified. In the toolbar above the form, you can filter articles in the list on word count. The core of PLR Keyword Digger


Through the dropdown list on the right of the toolbar, you can filter articles by word count in every possible way. Filtering your PLR Articles by wordcount

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