PLR Market Tab

This page has three main parts
The Marketplace where you can see all new PLR packages and hot tips.

  1. The"Related Articles on the Web" box
  2. The news window
  3. The categories list.

I explain each section on this page in detail

The "Related Articles on the Web" box

The top middle part displays short descriptions about PLR related content online.
When you hover the mouse over this part the scrolling stops and you can click the box and the program brings you to the online article.

The news page

The big box on this tab has 3 purposes

  1. Showing news about new releases and other PLR related news.
  2. Showing a disclaimer
  3. Showing details from PLR packages that you find once you click on one of the categories

The categories list

This is an ever-growing list of categories with well written PLR content.
The list refreshes every 15 minutes when your internet connection is on.
Of course when you click the refresh button (the one with the arrows) this list refreshes immediately.

OK, I hear you yell...

There is a fourth section, the one on the right with those two buttons.
YEP, you're right. And most likely you clicked on the help button and found this page.
You find that section on each tab. And yes, clicking the help buttons there brings you to the correct help page.

Clicking the contact button gives you the opportunity to ask questions, remarks or anything you might have/wish for/hate/love about PLR keyword Digger.
I cannot promise I answer right away but I will answer within 24 hours.