PLR Keyword Digger help file

PLR Keyword Digger Help

Click the links for the separate tabs of PLR Keyword Digger
On every page you will find a video showing the steps and possibilities you have.

Installing PLR keyword Digger

When you know how to handle zip-files then you are good.
It's a matter of unzipping the files to one folder and you are good to go.

How to start it all

Steps to take while you are not yet using PLR Keyword Digger.

Admin Startbutton

Under this button you find several tabs where you can configure PLR Keyword Digger.
On this page the usage of the individual tabs is explained.

PLR Market Tab

This page gives you links to PLR products from different vendors, divided by category.
Also any latest news is showing here with direct links to the page of a vendor.

PLR keyword Digger Tab

The core of the program, quick search for PLR articles that meet your keywords in the text or header, number of words per article or category.

PLR projects Tab

All articles you selected in step 2 (PLR Keyword Digger Tab) are available here for you to modify.
The modified files will be saved as RTF.

PLR Usage PLR Tab

This tab gives you the possibility to select rewritten PLR articles to send as emails, send them to your site as posts or create PDF reports you can users as giveaways.