Keyword Digger Tab

This page consists of 4 important parts
The core of the PLR Keyword Digger Powertool

  1. On top of this tab you find, just as in the other tabs, a specific menu for this tab.
    This menu consists of 3 sections.
    • On the left is the data management menu.
    • In the middle you find the most important part of the application, THE tool to dig articles from your collection.
      So important that I created a video on that.
    • The assist section, but since you are here you already found that one 🙂
  2. On the left you see an overview of folders with articles that reflect the organization on your drive.
    This overview cooperates with the data management section in the menu.
    I explain both of them on this page (just click the treeview in the image above)
  3. On the right you see, on top of each other, a list with articles and below that you can read the content of the article.
    That way you can determine if you like this article in the project you work on.
  4. Just above the list you see a small section for Projects. THAT is also a very important part of this program, so make sure you read the help about that. (click on the area with the project menu)

I explain each section on this page in detail. 

The Treeview

The treeview is a representation of the way you organized your PLR collection on your hard drive.
On top of the treeview you have two buttons in the Data Mgm (Data management) group.
This group is only accessible if one of the items in the treeview is selected
The left button allows you to create a new folder, not only in this system but on your disk as well.
When you click the right button you can select articles that you want to import into the newly created folder.

You can also add new articles in existing folders, the treeview will then be updated with the new information.

MIND YOU if you import new articles into any folder they will be indexed immediately, this can take some time if you import a large number of files!!

The number in brackets, following the name of the (sub)folder, is the number of articles you have in that specific folder.

The Keyword Section

The keyword section
In this section you find the very core of the application, here you can search for specific keywords and phrases in your collection of articles.
Let's go through it:
  • On the very left the text box where you can type in the keyword(s) you need.
    This can also be a phrase you are looking for.
  • The next step is whether you want to search for all words or any word in the keywords text box.
    Using the "any word" option does a search for either word in the text box.
    These words don't have to be related.
  • Next you can select whether you want to search in the title of articles only, in the content of articles only or both.
    for that you check or uncheck either options.
  • The last part of this section is the wordcount. 
    you can skip this step initially, once the program found matching articles you can narrow it down to a specific number of words.

selecting wordcount
The selection you make is in plain English. 
You do need to check the box to access this section.

Creating Projects

The projects section
Once you have a selection of articles you can create projects with them. A project is actually a specific folder you have on disk. I show you that in this helpfile a bit down this page.

The projects section
You can select all articles from your selection by clicking on the button with the check mark just above the list. ( selecting all files )
Once the files are selected the image on that button changes to the one you see above in the bigger image. This gives you the possibility to unselect all articles in one go.
To create a project you click the folder icon on the left ( create a new project ) the image then changes to the one in the bigger image where you get a text box and two more buttons (the save and the cancel button)
Once you save the project name you see its name in the dropdown menu ( Showing the new project )
Now you  can click the button to add the articles to the project ( Adding articles to the project )

Mind You You must have articles selected to add to the project.
You get an error message if no articles are selected in the list.

Adding articles to the project