Basic Data

If you start PLR Keyword Digger the very first time you need to fill in some data.
Without that data, the program will not be working.
All data is stored on your own machine! No need to worry about data protection.
You will see the following screen. If you click on the image it will show the enlarged version.

In the top right corner, you have a little drop-down menu where you can select the language you like to use in PLR Keyword Digger.

Language selection

The language you select will be stored and used every time you start PLR Keyword Digger.
You can always change this if you like it.

At this moment there are 6 languages available
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
In the main form you are asked to give specific data.

Your email address

In the first text box give your email address used when you bought the product.
Using that the program can find your activationkey.

Folder for the database

All data will be stored in a database.
This data that is stored is information about the folderstructure. All your PLR related products like Articles, Videos, PDF files, images, word documents is read.
What happens is that the content of you files are stored in different tables. The original files are never touched.
I would like to remind you that you get TWO licenses for one price. What you can do is install the database on a network drive in your home network. If you do install the second version you have access to the same data from both machines.

Folder where you keep your organized files

Before you begin installing PLR Keyword Digger you need to have a folder where you keep your physical PLR related content.
This folder MUST exist already. As I told you about the database in the previous paragraph, so it goes with this folder, you can store that on a local network drive.
The same data is then available for both workstations. Any change you make to the data and data structure is visible on the other machine.

Folder where you keep your projects

Projects are simply folders where you keep copies of your PLR content. More about that on the Keyword Page. 
With this setting you simply create the basic folder where all your projects will be stored in subfolders.

Folder for application backups

PLR keyword Digger has a mechanism to track new versions of the application if they become available.
Before the new version is installed the current version is saved in a folder. That way you can always fall back to a previous version.

Folder for data backups

Just like creating backups for your application you can create backups for the data.
If something might go wrong you can then fall back to a previous version of the data.

Maximum Results

Searching for specific info based on keywords or phrases can bring you a lot of files.
Using this setting limits that to a maximum you specify.

PDF Printer

In the deployment tab you can create PDF files, for that you need to specify your PDF printer.