Admin Pages

You can open the admin pages by clicking on the round button on the left top of PLR Keyword Digger.

System Settings

  • Data Maintenance
  • Searches
  • Color Scheme

SystemSettingsThe first tab is the system settings.
Here you fill in the settings for your way of working.
The values you add, along with some other values, are stored in the data.ini file that ships with the application. Using the buttons at the right of each textbox brings up a dialog form that helps you to fill the blanks.




These are the settings:

  • Article Folder.
    This points to the folder where you have your articles organized on disk.
    Look also for what to do first before using this program.
  • Project Folder.
    Project use articles. Projects are stored in folders with the project name.
  • Each project has its own folder under the folder you define here.
    If the projects folder doesn't exist the system creates the folder for you.
    In that case you just fill in a folder name, DO NOT use the button then.
  • Application Backup.
    Whenever a new version of the application is available the previous version is stored in this folder.
    That way you can always make a rollback on the application if you want to.

Data Maintenance

Under this tab you will find 3 options.





The backup will be put in the folder you defined in the first step.